Cyclops Atom LED Headlamp

Cyclops Atom LED Headlamp
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These little LED lights are awesome for finding your way back to camp.  Matt's take on these:

The Burn time is rated at 15 hours--I like that.  I've used the light for an entire season of guiding, (around campfire, to/from hammock, in the cave, around the house) and it's still not dead.  It's not as powerful as the more expensive headlamps I have, but I find myself grabbing this one almost all the time.  It's super light at 1 ounce.  It has adjustable angles.  It has a long lasting burn time which means I'm not always messing with new batteries and it is so inexpensive I can always have a bunch on hand--one on my pack, one in my vehicle, one at nightstand, etc.  It's water resistant, so I'm not submersing it, but for it's price range--it's a great little backup.  It uses/comes with two CR-2032 batteries.  Simple twist on/twist off--ready to go out of the package. Super easy and quick adjustable camo headband comes in handy with my groups.  Easily switches from head to helmet. 

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